Started DJing in the mid 80’s with some soul, funk, rare groove, 80’s hip-hop & electro music. Started to mix with these genres on the technic 1200 and recording it on a TDK -SA90 cassette tape and sent them out to clubs & bars around town, picking up work where he could get it, didn’t […]

Darren started out with vinyl and the legendary Technics 1210’s which was a great starting point. After years of practising he decided he would get out there and give it a go. Along the way he has played at some cracking venues including The Glass House (Mermaid Theatre), The Aquarium and Ministry of sound. Darren […]

Slims love of music started back in the late 80s early 90s when he was dubbing tapes of tracks that he had recorded from the top 40 and other sources, it was at this stage Slim realised he was falling in love with all kinds of music and asked his parents if he could have […]

DJ SPOON3R, a child of the acid house generation, has been busy with the beats since the late 90’s. An electronic artist who defies generic boundaries, ever since his days listening to pirate stations and wanting to go to the infamous motor way raves back in the early 90ʻs, in the UK. And since djing […]

DJ Zac was first introduced to his first record player by his father, at the tender age of 6. Since then, his passion for playing music has grown and grown. He owned his first set of direct drive turntables at 14 (not Technics) alongside a Citronic SM450 mixer and that’s where he taught himself to […]

At the age of 15 after getting hooked on house after tuning into a london pirate radio station playing only house, Edd knew he had found his roots and from that moment on, started to put together his own unique collection of tunes. A few years later after going clubbing and getting a ‘feel’ for […]

Both been dj-ing since the late 80’s, Flipside worked at Ruffhouse Records from 1995, his early musical influences were ragga & jungle. Today Flipside dj’s house & UKG and produces under the names Tufluv & Nustep! Flipside has been involved with radio for many years, having played on stations such as rinse fm, lush fm, […]

With a fantastic archive of 5,000+ records with the collection starting back in the mid 80’s, Gary started playing out in 1992. With a radio show in production every week since 1994, it’s a show where the music does the talking. Gary’s also known to pull out the obscure Balearic classic at the end of […]

It all began back in 1995, when JD Sparxx began mixing with 2 CD players with no pitch control and a bog standard mixer doing house parties for school mates, he slowly progressed, building up equipment that give him the experience he needed to get gigs in the local pubs and clubs. He went through […]

DJ Jon-Paul has over 25 years experience playing all forms of dance music, catering for eclectic tastes. He has a real passion and drive for music his wealth of music experience includes Acid House old skool, US house and club classics. Playing at festivals including Penn Festival and Samons Fest over the last few years. […]

Country Gents is the recording moniker of Lee Jones, DJ and producer. A DJ since 1996, Lee was initially inspired by DiY Soundsystem and ethos in 1990 and ended up DJ’ing all over the UK & Europe before starting his own events in Reading UK under the name Valley Moods Productions in 1998. He started […]

Lee Robson started DJ’ing in 1992 with Hardcore scene in full flow, playing at house parties moving on to pirate radio stations. This led to opportunities of playing in clubs and illegal raves with great success. Influenced by growing up in an area surrounded by the latest sounds of Hip Hop/Electro, Acid House, Reggae, right […]

Lenny Raveney is a London based DJ and Producer specialising in House, Tech and Electronica. His retro style is an eclectic mix of House, Techno and Classics fused from ‘Old Skool’ roots. Creating a unique compilation of progressive sounds which he delivers with energy, emotion and a dirty edge. Lenny has frequently played for THE […]

Marcus’s love for underground dance music started back in 1989 when he was 14 years old and went to his very first rave called Sunrise. From there, he purchased a pair of 1210’s and went mad buying over 4000 records. As luck would have it his good friend landed a job as touring manager with […]

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Mr Woodz has been DJing since he was 13, starting on vinyl playing happy hardcore before moving on to hard house, trance and garage. Then played the commercial dance in several local clubs. He has played in clubs such as Ministry Of Sound and Pacha. Woodz plays various styles of house music from deep to […]

Around for many years, started off in jazz funk now known as Rare Groove, progressed through all the different dance scenes over the years and was in the for front of the Acid House movement back in 86 -87. Patrick London has produced a few tunes and owned his own record label and radio station […]

Platinum G started loving music and messing about with mixing in his bedroom as a kid – back then it was Happy Hardcore that he played. As time went on he grew out of that and moved on to Dance and a bit of Drum and Bass mixed in but it’s when he discovered Breaks […]

Well, what can we say, started DJing together back in the heady days of the early 90’s financing, organising and promoting our own parties above 5th Avenue in Maidenhead (remember that place!?). We then went onto playing at such venues as The Villa in Uxbridge, Hudson’s Vauxhall, Turnmills, Lakota in Bristol, The Penn Bar plus […]

As a child Shane found himself escaping reality to the music, any moment that times were hard growing up, he would always escape to the beat, being raised in a very musical family,  him and his family would always have some sort of groove or house playing loud throughout the home As shane got older […]

Soulboy Mick has been into music since he was 14 years old, started collecting vinyl white labels and imports and  got his first taste of DJing helping his sisters boyfriend at the time which lead to him starting to spin tunes on the ones and twos. He has always loved the raregroove classics but has […]

Space Ear is from the old skool of DJ’s starting out in 1989 inspired by the original Warehouse and Rave scene. With a vinyl collection that goes from early house, Italian house and rave, through the jungle techno and DnB scene, before eventually settling back into house music. On ad hoc shows to fill in […]

The name STIRCRAZY seems to capture what StirCrazy is all about. Music has always been an escape for him and he still gets goosebumps and “feels another rush coming on” when a great tune starts playing. StirCrazy has been into the underground dance music scene since he was kid, grew up listening to the pirates […]

Tony B thanks you for taking the time to read his profile! So you want to know something about him and his show on Release FM? Well here goes… Tony started DJing at the age of 16 but had been collecting music well before that as he was getting into what his friends older brothers […]

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