How to listen to Release FM

There are many ways to Listen to Release FM depending on where you are and what you are doing. If you’re at a computer, the easiest way is to use the Release FM websites ‘Listen’ link on the end of the menu bar which will open a mini player in your browser.

If you’re listening on a mobile device, we highly recommend to use our own app (On iOS & Android) so that a lower quality stream is used, to prevent using lots of your mobile data allowance.

Listening on your favourite Media Player

You may want to listen on your prefered media player such as Winamp, VLC, iTunes etc.

Use the icons below depending on your media player to start listening to Release FM in them:


VLCWindows Media PlayeriTunesTuneIn

Listening on a mobile device

The Release FM app is available on iOS and Android:


If you are using a Windows based phone, you can listen via  TuneIn Radio from the Microsoft Store or in your browser.

Listening on any other device

If you’re listening on a smart TV, the TuneIn app is recommended.

If you use Kodi, we have our own app there also.

Release FM

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