DJ Motivator

DJ Motivator started to DJ in clubs and radio around the year of 92 playing on Trance FM 105.4 playing old techno, hardcore and some drum and bass. Motivator then got the opportunity to play at some smashing clubs and other stations in the 90’s and ended up on in which is believed to be the first station of its kind and found it his second home playing alongside Wonder and Sean the MC Stretch. You could often find Motivator at the jazz bistro where he used to play monthly alongside Mad Ash and Junior Buzz.
Having always kept the old faithful Technics hence all the old school mixes. Motivator is now trying to learn the Ableton DAW program so he can start producing – its been a long learning curve and hopefully wont be too long until a track is finished which he is happy with! Alongside Release FM you can catch Motivator playing at the pirate club and encapsulated energy – check out the groups on Facebook.
DJ Motivator hopes you enjoy listening and thanks you for listening.

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