Shane Mahon

As a child Shane found himself escaping reality to the music, any moment that times were hard growing up, he would always escape to the beat, being raised in a very musical family,  him and his family would always have some sort of groove or house playing loud throughout the home

As shane got older he found himself playing with sounds in his head, remixing over the songs he would hear and when doing anything that he had to concentrate on, he would always be making some sort of beat.

As a teenager Shane realised that music has been and will always be a big part of his life and that he would like to begin to manipulate these sounds, not just in his head, but out loud.

Once at the age of 18 Shane began to go to attend numerous music events and festivals and fell in love with the vibe created by these musicians and DJ’s, not only did he fall in love with the vibe, he fell in love with the memories being created by this and now wants to give back

Ever since shane has found himself very attached to listening, mixing and making music. after a few years of playing around he found himself needing the next level, this is when he stepped and started playing out at local clubs and started taking production lessons with London sound academy.

Shane has a passion for many genres of music but found that House is his soul mate

Current track